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Surrendering your Husky or Malamute

fenceEvery day, dozens of Siberian Huskies and many Alaskan Malamutes are killed in shelters across the country. In order achieve our mission, we commit ourselves to help healthy and treatable Huskies and Malamutes who are at risk of being killed in a shelter and have no other options.  

We do not have a facility.  Every dog in Taysia Blue Rescue must live safely in the home of a volunteer, along with their human and furry family members.  Currently requests for help exceeds the number of open foster homes by almost 10 to 1.  

We are sad to hear from families who feel like their only option is to give up the dogs they love. We will try to direct you to trainers in your area who might e able to help you work with some behavior challenges.  We would much rather that your dog is able to remain in his or her home with the people he trusts. 

We would like to help every dog and owner who needs us, but please note that we prioritize the Huskies and Malamutes that are in the greatest jeopardy of being killed due to shelter overcrowding.

Please click here to see resources to help you rehome your dog.

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