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Hello! My name isHatchand I would love to meet you!

Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there. As you can see, my name is Hatch, and I am a two and a half year old husky. That means I love hanging around with my fellow dogs and their humans! It only took me almost no time to learn about the special door the humans have, and now I am able to go inside and out as I please. Sometimes I need a little time to get to know the other residents, but that is only so that I can devise the best way to shower them with kisses and hugs. I am world renowned for my incredible and nuanced singing, and if you adopt me today you may be the lucky recipient of front row seats to my next concert.

If you are an avid vocalist like myself, then put my name down on Taysia’s setlist and adopt me today!

More About Me:

  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black/white
  • Age: 2.5 yrs
  • Weight: 45lbs
  • Energy level: Medium/High
  • Location: Colorado

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