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Hello! My name isGuinnessand I would love to meet you!


Guinness is a very sweet boy who loves people and gets along great with other dogs. He is crate trained, but also trustworthy when left out of his crate. He often goes into his crate to take naps or, he is quite happy to sleep at the foot of the bed or on the couch with you! He knows to go into his crate for his feedings as he's  not a fan of company while eating. He is very patient waiting for it to be delivered to him. He loves going for walks and car rides. He would do best in a home with no children, or children over age 12.

He will need a home that can give him regular brushing maintenance due to his long, thick, woolly coat (once it grows back in!) and keep him separate for feedings.

More About Me:

  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Black & White
  • Age: 8 years
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Energy Level: Med-High Energy
  • Interaction with Humans: Loves attention
  • Interactions with other Dogs: Does well with bigger dogs and smaller dogs (30+)
  • Interactions with cats: Not recommended.
  • Training Notes: Knows basic commands, sit, shake, and kennel up. We are working on resource guarding
  • Location: Omaha, NE

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