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******ADOPTED 1/9/2011 to a new Forever home******


Dakota was adopted as a puppy by a woman in a wheel chair who put him in harness and taught him to pull her in her chair. Three years ago her living conditions needed to change which meant leaving the house where she lived with Dakota. She kept the house and tied Dakota on a chain in the back yard. She looked in on him a couple times a week and the neighbors helped out too. So  for three years he lived without much socialization.

Dakota needs a firm and consistent leader to guide him through life. At six years old he has the behavior patterns of a one and a half year old husky-curious about everything, jumping up, and even challenging authority. He is large for a Siberian husky with an intense play habit and lots of strength.  Dakota is crate trained and housebroken and he needs a yard to run in.

Dakota likes to be the center of attention so would thrive as a single dog in a household with a dominant masculine personality. No small dogs, young children, or cats, please. He needs a lot of exercise including daily walks or runs, training-to learn some manners, socialization-to gain exposure to both people and dogs, a consistent routine, a job to do and lots of love which he will gladly return to you.  He may take to and enjoy weight pulling as an activity.

Please research the Siberian husky at Siberian Husky Club of America and realize the realities of living with this breed. Dakota is  a classic Siberian who runs, jumps, digs, and chews but in the right lifestyle, with good exercise and leadership he will be a loving companion.


Siberian Husky


White (considered a red and white)


Blue eyes

6 years old



72 lbs. - needs to lose 10 lbs.





High energy

Not a fence jumper, but may be a door dasher

Loves to play

High prey drive with small backyard animals

Does okay on a leash

Needs basic obedience training