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*****  ADOPTED Aug 14, 2011 *****

This adorable lab / husky mix puppy came to us when the Loses Hills Humane Society needed to evacuate their shelter due to impending flood waters.

Murdoch is still a young pup and has been living in a foster home since he was 10 weeks old.  He's been learning house training, crate training and basic obedience. He is a mellow guy and super human and dog friendly and very affectionate.

Location: Nebraska

Murdoch is just waiting to give you puppy kisses!

Murdoch, which is Scottish in origin, meaning sea protector, is the goofy, fun loving boy of the litter and such a sweetheart! He is a super quick learner and really prefers to sleep in your arms.  He might be a big dog when he grows up, but he's sure to be a cuddle bug!  He plays great with adult dogs and tries out his big dog voice just to let them know that he can hold his own!


Breed: Lab / Husky mix

Gender: Male / Female

Color: (4) black and white (1) brown and black

Age: less than 3 months

Weight: we expect them to be 60+ lbs. when fully grown

Body Type: roly poly puppies!

To be Neutured or Spayed prior to adoption

Micro-chipped: will be prior to adoption


General Condition: up to date on vaccines

Coat Condition: flat coated

General Health: happy, healthy




Interaction with humans: wonderful

Interaction with other dogs: very good

Interaction with cats: only Murdoch is currently living with a cat

Obedience: just learning leash walking, potty training and crate training.