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*****   ADOPTED 9/10/2011   *****

Shelter Transfer

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Gus found a little pot of gold.  This little old man was found running the streets of Council Bluffs, thin, scared and matted.  He found his way to a shelter where he was going to spend his final hours.

He was listed as a Husky so Taysia Blue went to pull him.  When we got there, we found out that he was actually a Shiba Inu  mix. Regardless, his fate was the same and we couldn't allow him to end his life that way.

Gus is elderly, we're guessing about 12.  His heart and lungs are good, his bloodwork tested good, he's sore in the back hips and legs and is a little slow to move around but he's taking some medication to make him feel better.

We are hoping to find a special home where he can live out his last few months / years knowing love, comfort and safety.

We are willing to forgo any adoption fee for the right owner who can promise him love.

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Breed: Shiba Inu Mix

Gender: Male

Age: 12+ years

Weight: 30 pounds

Body Type: Thin


Micro-chipped: No


General Condition: He's alert and relatively healthy, just stiff and sore

Coat Condition: course

General Health: Ok for his age




Interaction with humans:  Ok, can be a little nippy when brushing around areas that are in pain

Interaction with other dogs: ignores other dogs

Interaction with cats: unknown