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*****   ADOPTED 12/28/2011   *****

Brando's foster dad says that he's a little angel.  He is full of energy with lots of puppy in him still.  He loves his walks and loves to be around other dogs.  He is learning to enjoy his kennel and calms down rather quickly once he is in it.  He loves belly rubs, and is not afraid to let you know when it's time to pet him some more or if he doesn't want you to stop.  He likes to give kisses

He would love to find a home with a fenced back yard and someone to take him on daily walks or a run, simply playing in the yard isn't enough to burn up his energy.


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Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Color: White and Silver

Age: 1 year

Weight: 45 pounds

Body Type: In great shape


Micro-chipped: Yes


General Condition: Happy, healthy and full of puppy energy

Coat Condition: gorgeous, thick

General Health: excellent




Interaction with humans:  Excellent.  He is so high energy that we believe he would fit best in a family with older children

Interaction with other dogs: Wonderful and appropriate

Interaction with cats: Not recommended

Obedience: learning basics, pulling on leash is minimal