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*****   ADOPTED 12/21/11   *****

My name is Mick Jagger and I'm the strong and silent type.  Now, I know looks aren't everything, but my foster mom says I'm like arm candy when we're out on walks--people slow their cars down to stare.  I tell her it's because they're admiring my excellent leash skills.

Speaking of my skills...I am calm and have very good manners inside the house that include:  coming when called, sitting and doing my business outside.  You should also know that I'm excellent at supervising all household chores--laundry is my favorite so far.

Don't let my manliness fool you; I am a perfect gentleman in the house.  However, let me outside and I will let all the neighborhood dogs know where my yard begins.

Speaking of my neighborhood, I am really adventurous and have been known to hop a 4ft fence to go see the birds in the neighbor's yard.  It's too bad their grandkids weren't out playing because I really like to get those belly rubs and ear scratches!

I'm so easy going; I'd like a house with or without those little hands.  Also, I really love playing with my four legged foster sister but I'd be just as happy if it was just you and me.


Breed: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Color: Black & White

Age: 2 years

Weight: 50 pounds

Body Type: In great shape


Micro-chipped: Yes


General Condition: Excellent

Coat Condition: Good

General Health: Excellent




Interaction with humans: very social

Interaction with other dogs:appropriate

Interaction with cats: not recommended

Obedience: knows some basics