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Mary will sing you a song all day long.  She loves to woo and talk to you.  Mary is enjoying middle age and is quite comfortable napping on a soft bed when it’s time to settle down.  She loves romping in the snow and long walks. She is a gentle soul and would be great for a family with kids, dogs or cats.         


  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Gray and White
  • Age: 8 years
  • Weight: 37 lbs. 
  • Energy Level:  Low
  • General Condition: Excellent weight, her teeth could use a cleaning.  Her fur is thin in spots, our vet believes this will improve with good nutrition. 
  • General Health: Good
  • Interaction with humans: Wants to be near her humans
  • Interaction with other dogs: Good dog skills
  • Interaction with cats: Good
  • Training Notes: Mary is extremely anxious in a kennel / crate, but has proven to be trustworthy outside the kennel.  We recommend containing with a baby gate.