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Adopted 11/29/14

Loretta is a sweet angel of a girl, but can be full of mischief!  She wants nothing more than to be with her humans.  She is happy all the time and loves to sing you a song to tell you about it.  She can easily jump a 4' fence so her new family will need to have a 6' privacy fence to keep her home.  


    • Breed: Alaskan Malamute
    • Gender:  Female
    • Age:  2-3 years
    • Weight:  72 lbs
    • Energy Level:  High
    • General Condition:  Needs to put on a few pounds
    • General Health:  Excellent
    • Interaction with humans:  Playful, affectionate
    • Interaction with other dogs:  Playful, accepting
    • Interaction with cats:  We believe she will be okay with cats
    • Training notes:  Needs work on jumping up on people, kennel training and counter surfing.  
    • Loretta is very vocal and talkative
    • Location: fostering in Omaha

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