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My name is Finian but I respond to Fin, Finny and King Fin! I like to surprise my foster parents by sitting on just about anything like it was a throne made for me! I have a little brother who I love to wrestle and sing with for hours on end. He's a couple years younger than me so sometimes he wears me out and I'm ready to nap on my window seat. I'm learning to share toys and play gently with my MUCH smaller sister who only weighs 7lbs. When Mom and Dad come home I get so excited I give them bear hugs! I also love giving kisses. I absolutely love my crate at bedtime and never want to get up in the morning. Mom tells me I'm a lazy bones but I just love my bed.

I love walks and I'm very polite about pulling. I get very excited to see other dogs on walks or in yards and I'm working on staying calm about that. I do NOT like cats one bit so when mom spots one we steer clear. I get a little nervous if I'm left alone which is why mom and dad leave me with my little brother. I love to show mom that I know how to sit because then she gives me a delicious treat. I'm learning to take my treats gently. I just get so excited about those little yummy things!

I'm looking for my forever home, I know my family is out there. I can't wait to show them how sweet, loving and cute I am. I might be a little shy at first but it's only because I'm not sure what lies ahead! Show me love, patience and kindness and I'll be your shadow and best friend for life!


  • Breed: Siberian Husky
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Grey and White
  • Age: About 5
  • Weight: 50 lbs (I'm trying to bulk up!)
  • Energy Level: Medium, I like to get out and take a daily walk
  • Interaction with Humans: LOVES humans
  • Interactions with other Dogs: Great with dogs his size
  • Interactions with cats: NOT recommended
  • Training Notes: I know how to sit, kennel up, and respond to "no" or "uh, uh". I'm eager to learn new tricks!
  • Location: Omaha NE