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Adopted!  December 2014

Winter is here and Ajax would like to keep your feet warm.  He adores his human family members and loves to sit right at your feet, or on your feet, for that matter.  He is exceptionally bright and hopes his new family will work on continuing his education.  He is house and kennel trained, he likes most other dogs.  He is a fantastic walking and running partner.  He dreams of meeting his new best friend every night and hopest hat it won't be long.  


  • Breed:  Siberian Husky
  • Gender:  Male
  • Color:  Black & White
  • Age:  4
  • Weight:
  • Energy Level:  Moderate
  • General Condition:  Treating for heartworm
  • Interaction with humans:  Excellent
  • Interaction with other dogs:  He like most other dogs, needs time to warm up and meet properly.  
  • Training Notes:  Kennel & house trained, very bright, loves to learn.  Sometimes he doesn't like to share his favorite things, learning how to is ongoing.        
  • Fostering Location:  Omaha, NE


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