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Taysia Blue Online Store

Taysia Blue Online Store

Welcome to the  Taysia Blue Store!

Thank you so much for helping to support the Rescue by shopping for your fun Taysia Blue Rescue items here! Always remember, shipping to the USA is always free and that all proceeds go to the rescue.

2019 Taysia Blue Calendar

UPDATE: 10/17/2018 Calendars are IN STOCK!!

$21.40 Ex Tax: $20.00

- +
Trekking Hands Free Package

Get a Trekking Belt, Distance Harness and a 1 Dog Bungee cord!

$105.93 Ex Tax: $99.00

- +
Trekking Distance Harness

Our Distance Harness is the harness of choice for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, scootering and dog trekking.

$36.38 Ex Tax: $34.00

- +
Trekking Bungee Line

Used for canicross (running with your dog), bikejoring, scootering, dog trekking, dog walking hands free and as a single dog sled pulling line.

$34.24 Ex Tax: $32.00

- +
Trekking Belt

The Howling Dog Alaska belt is a must for dog trekking or walking your dog "hands free" and can be also used for comfortable canicrossing.

$51.36 Ex Tax: $48.00

- +

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